If you love a good cocktail, then you will especially love them during our ‘One After Work?’ Happy Hour! Take advantage of 2 for £10 cocktails at The Blue Pig

Our bartenders skillfully shake and stir, what we believe to be some of the best Cocktails in the Northern Quarter. We carefully select our spirits, flavours and garnishes for every cocktail we make so that even the finest of palates will be suitably impressed.

The Blue Pig 2 for £10 cocktails include a specially selected range of drinks from our main menu, which draws from the influences of classic and prohibition style drinks.

We have carefully crafted a list of boozy, but grown up drinks with a foodie twist, and we give each drink extra special attention, including barrel making our Old Fashioned and Spiced Negroni cocktails for a fuller flavour and depth. 

We use premium spirits, ports and vermouths, along with home-made syrups, herbs and spices to give all our cocktails a unique taste and presentation, and nearly all the cocktails on our menu are vegan as we use chick pea juice (aquafaba) to create the perfect foam instead of egg white. 

So there is simply no excuse not to take advantage of our 2 for £10 cocktails, which are the perfect drinks to sit and watch the world go by with an al fresco lunch on our street patio on a Friday, or an after work drink during the week. There are no gimmicks, no fire, no smoke, just great booze mixed to perfection!

And don’t forget about our awesome events throughout the week, which are the perfect excuse to take advantage of 2 for £10 cocktails

* Choose from:

Lemon curd collins

Two’s a pear

Negroni bramble

Gin swill

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